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What We Can Do For You

Website Optimization or better known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets you to the top of the search results to tap into a new source of qualified visitors who are actively looking for the products and services you offer. We provide professional SEO services that help websites increase visibility on search engines and social media platforms.

Social Media is one of the most popular means of communication. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, we all have a social media account. By using Social Media Optimization, we generate publicity to increase the awareness of your product, service brand or event.

We utilize Google Analytics for tracking, analyzing, and reporting site data.  Whether you run a website for a home business or a large corporation, we will help you measure site traffic, engagement, ad revenue, and even activity on social media. This is one of the basic analytical tools used for Search Engine Optimization and marketing purposes

With any good SEO campaign comes Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This goes hand in hand with the strategies we incorporate into your marketing campaign. Keyword research and analysis is the core of our expertise, thus allowing us to pinpoint the best course of action to drive targeted traffic that will convert to paying customers.

Some Words From Our Clients

Before meeting with Adam, I wasn’t sure what SEO was or if my business even needed it. I have to admit it was a bit of a process but the end results were amazing. Within 9 months not only did my customer base and income grow, but my company was on the first page of Google! His team of experts did a wonderful job and would recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their business exponentially!

Adam is a fantastic search engine marketer and communicator. He makes the extra effort to understand your business’ needs and then shows you how he can help you meet your goals. I highly recommend him and his company to anyone

Ho Bing Lo, Red Riser

Upon meeting Adam, you immediately know he is laid back and a likable guy. He has a very professional demeanor. He displays great work ethic and his results will prove it. He gives all he’s got to every project and his clients will tell you.

Nitish Taneja, Nitishtaneja

Adam is on the cutting edge of SEO. He is extremely focused, and this is why he is able to create unprecedented results for his clients. You MUST get in touch with Adam for your SEO needs

Tekang Check, CheckWiz Enterprise

Social Giant Marketing will meet your needs w/ SEO and getting found on Google. Working w/ Adam was a terrific experience! Would definitely take on another project together. Thanks Again Adam!

Klaus Nyman, Nitro Digital Marketing

Adam’s SEO and SEM knowledge is bar none! He always brings the right attitude and skills when it comes to client work. Every time I get to work with him my clients are always coming back with smiles.

If you’re looking for results and traffic this is the man for the job… if you want to come out on top with your business hire Adam, and if you’re looking to get beat out by the competition then feel free to skip him so I can hire him to take you out.

Cassandra Valentin, Valentina Media

Adam Pichardo is one of the true SEO experts in the industry. His style of taking your website to the first page of google using the very best SEO methods is just amazing! I would highly recommend Adam if you are looking to have your business placed in front of the traffic!

Gregory Thorpe, Black Bear

Adam Pichardo takes SEO to the next level. Period. He always stay on top of the latest search engine updates and keeps his clients informed on the latest information. His track record for #1 rankings cannot be rivaled. You cannot help but win if you choose Adam to be a part of your search engine optimization efforts.

Steven Graham, Rank Haven

Adam is very generous with his knowledge, and I’ve profited greatly from our meetings and personal communications. He is the kind of person who puts the success of others over his own. I strongly believe that is the secret to his company’s overall success

Kamil Kowalkowski, SEO

I’m not in the habit of referring clients to someone else, but when I have a heavy workload, I refer them to Adam. I’ve known him for many years and his results are exceptional. He is meticulous with his planning and is always looking for the latest updates to help anyone’s business grow.

Mitch Barney, 777 Digital

When It comes to finding the best in an industry, look no further than Adam Pichardo. I have never met another person as knowledgeable as Adam when it comes to SEO. The true magic, however, is beneath his hard-working and determined exterior. it can be said that if you are truly an expert at something that you will be able to teach anyone, and that is exactly what Adam does. When you hire Adam your not just getting an expert and results driven SEO specialist, but your also getting a teacher and you would be ridiculous to look anywhere else.

Jacob Chen, Search Marketing Consultant & Web Engineer

Our Proven Process Produces Results


The initial encounter begins with our tailored discovery form. These are simple questions to get some insight into how far you want to go with your company.


Our next step is to research the competition. We find what is working for those highly successful companies as well as those not doing so well. Preparation is key when designing the perfect business plan to take your company to the next level.


At this point, we have evaluated your website along with those of your fiercest competition. Now we put the business plan into motion to get your company to where it needs to be.


We know it’s hard to sit by and wait for results. That’s why we do vigorous testing and keep you informed with daily progress emails.


At the end of our 6 to 9 month campaign, we deliver on our results of massive traffic and a change of your business to the next level.

Exploring The Advantages Of SEO

Seo is much more essential to site owners than ever before. Getting attention online could be a challenge, and finding out how Google, as well as other major search engines like google view and rank websites, is the initial step to making sure your internet site is around the very important first page of results. Over 95% of Internet searches stop on page one, therefore the websites which are on page one of the leading search engine listings for his or her main keywords are hauling in massive quantities of traffic. More visitors means more and more people, more customers, and frequently results in more sales.

Those spots don’t get filled accidentally or randomly. SEO is definitely the tool will push beyond the competition and ensure your site is the main one getting online attention. Even though many marketers will be going nuts over social networking, special strategies using apps, still nothing quite has got the impact that you will get from the good consistent SEO program.

So do you know the major advantages of SEO?

Huge Increases In Traffic

First of all, a mediocre SEO campaign brings in additional visitors from people searching Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Good to great SEO campaigns may have a massive effect. Given that 95% of all the traffic starts and stops on page 1, going from not on page one to just even going to the base of page one is a big jump for any business. Even on page one, the very first three spots benefit from up to 80% of the traffic as the bottom 5 to 7 spots obtain the remaining 20%. What this means is even landing on page one could have a massive effect.

Whenever a website goes from one thousand people per month to one thousand or ten thousand per day, the company notices.

Better Brand Trust & Authority

The greatest brands are ones which are always seen, and nowadays having existed for many years isn’t enough. Young buyers visit Google to discover the things they are searching for, which means businesses that need a higher level of authority and trust in today’s competitive markets have to appear online – and they have to turn up a great deal.

Lots of people trust Google, then when Google is providing your site or business within their top results, that carries lots of weight with modern customers. Seeing your company name everywhere grows that brand trust and authority even when they don’t buy each and every time. That kind of long lasting positive brand recognition is priceless in as well as itself.

Lower Costs & Longer Results

When compared with paid advertising online, SEO is in fact comparatively cheap, even on the large (in comparison with an identical paid campaign). Search engine optimisation might take longer to start working in full force, as well as in competitive markets will need maintenance, however, it won’t cost nearly just as much as paying for every click. Particularly in industries such as the legal industry, in which a single visitor may cost $50-100 in certain markets.

When SEO is performed well, that traffic continues coming. Once the funds are on paid results, all the advantages of that campaign immediately cease. Over time the outcomes of excellent SEO still give returning to the website and business, despite the campaign stopping.

Keeps Your Competition Away

In competitive markets, this is a guarantee that most of the companies on page one for major money keywords happen to be using SEO. In the event you aren’t doing exactly the same, you might be falling behind. This means just not gaining, but usually losing much more of an already small market share. Making online optimization a significant a part of your current technique is essential to keeping your competition away – as well as an absolute necessity to tug ahead.

The ROI Is Outstanding

Finally, the Return On Your Investment (ROI) for very long-term SEO is outstanding. Google along with other search engines like yahoo are constantly updating, nevertheless, it takes over 200 different factors into account before ranking each site. Which means purchasing the SEO to reach page one, and towards the top of page one, can keep repaying. Those are positions that you can’t beat overnight, so you can keep reaping the rewards.

When traffic shoots over the top you need to remember those are actual people, potential prospects, searching for something you are offering and finding your internet site being a possible answer to their problem. More and more people means more customers, more customers is a lot more money and much more profit.

There is absolutely no denying the numerous incredible benefits which come from proper search engine optimization.

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