Creative Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Creative Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

If you have a small business or are new to social media marketing, then the options, methods, and techniques available may seem overwhelming. However, the fact is, the impact of social media for small businesses cannot be stressed enough.

If you have used social media at all, you likely know some of the standard tips that are seen everywhere. There are plenty of other ways you can use social media, too, that you may not be aware of besides just responding to customers and posting photos of your products. Here you will find a few creative social media marketing tips to help you reach more people than ever before.

Start a Hashtag for Your Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way for your business to share on social media. However, finding testimonials that can be concise enough to fit in a social media post or tweet can be quite the challenge. A better option is to create a hashtag for that purpose. Once you have created one, spread it around and encourage your satisfied customers to post their own testimonial with that custom hashtag. You can then re-post what they wrote and deliver them right to your loyal followers.

Start a Group Board on Pinterest

When it comes to social media marketing tips, many business owners overlook Pinterest as being a viable way to reach their customers. However, this platform is a great outlet for sharing new content. You can also use the social media site to interact with your audience through group boards. Try to begin a board where your customers can share their images of your products being used or posts that are related to your particular industry. You can add your own unique content, too.

Recommend Other Social Media Accounts for Your Followers to Check Out

It may seem counter-productive to ask people to venture away from your social media presence, but it can actually work out for you well. Choose brands and companies that are related to your own industry in some way. You can add value to what you are saying by recommending other businesses to your customers that they would find useful. In many cases, the brand or company recommended, may do the same for you, which would help you increase your following and reach, as well.

Use GIFs to Add Some Personality

If you use Twitter, you have the chance to add a GIF image to your post. There are several other social media platforms that allow this, as well. When you add these GIFs you can also insert a bit of personality and style into your posts, which may help them gain even more attention.

Host a “Caption This” Contest

You may also want to share a few photos that your followers can have a bit of fun with. You can upload a funny picture or even one related to pop culture and then ask your followers to create a caption. You can even have a contest and give prizes (such as discounts, coupons, etc.) to the best caption entries. This will help get people interested in what you are saying and get more shares for your post.

Create a Unique Meme

While this may sound a bit silly, memes allow you to share fun content with your audience. If there is currently a popular meme that may fit with your industry or business, you can create a unique caption and then share it on your social media pages.

Start a Weekly Series

An effective way to get people to keep coming back to see what you are saying is be creating a weekly theme for your posts. A popular one you have likely heard of is #tbt (throwback Thursday). You should come up with something that is right for your industry and then keep it up weekly. You can even encourage all your social media followers to post their own related content or images to your weekly event.

As you can see, when it comes to social media marketing tips, there are more than a few ways you can increase your reach and engage your audience. Be creative and let your personality and the personality of your business shine through. People on social media love seeing unique posts and are more willing to engage with your brand the more you post.